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Modulators of muscle health-  role of circulating factors

  • investigating select adipokines and myokines and their capacity to modulate muscle health (especially in Type 1 Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease). Thank you to NSERC for supporting this work.

Improving the production of cultured meat

  • maximizing the efficacy and efficiency in cultured meat production through the identification and characterization of muscle stem cell sub-populations. Thank you to the New Frontiers Fund and NSERC for supporting these studies.

Are the Exercise Guidelines for persons with T1D sufficient? The HOME-T1D study

  • We are about to begin an exciting trial to determine if the exercise guidelines for persons with T1D is sufficient to maximize muscle and vascular health. Data from our previous studies suggests otherwise so this will be a really exciting project to uncover the answer! Stay tuned! Thank you to CIHR for your support.