Studies Uncovering Novel Factors for Skeletal Muscle Health

sm 5548 20x20 denervation
Expression of Xin (red) within dystrophic muscle (Laminin- green, Nuclei- blue)

Xin (Cmya-1; cardiomyopathy-associated-1) is an adapter protein containing novel actin-binding repeats. The current literature suggests that Xin is involved in the remodeling of the actin cytoskeleton of striated muscles during sarcomere assembly and cardiac morphogenesis, though its exact role is not well understood. Our previous investigations into the molecular regulation of skeletal muscle regeneration led to the finding that the expression Cmya1, the gene encoding Xin, was significantly upregulated during the early phases of skeletal muscle regeneration. Our currents studies into Xin are investigating its function in skeletal muscle regeneration and the effects of modulating Xin expression levels during the regenerative process.