In 2003, I accepted a faculty position in the School of Kinesiology & Health Science at York University in Toronto, ON.  My research portfolio as a young PI reflected my training with investigations that spanned molecular biology to physiology. At York, I also had the honour and privilege of collaborating with Dr. Mike Riddell.  Our collaborative studies into the impact of Type 1 Diabetes were not only exciting to undertake but laid the foundations for our current studies into humans with T1D.

In 2009, I accepted an faculty position at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON (Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine).  Here my lab focus has expanded to include both human and rodent studies with a primary goal of translating our rodent findings to the human condition.

I count myself fortunate for many reasons.  I have a wonderful family, a great network of colleagues and collaborators, and importantly, I have the opportunity to work with so many bright, inquisitive trainees.  It is their hard-work and perseverance that make the research hypotheses we test come to reality.