Back open for business!

We are excited for the new school year! Riley and Alex are getting themselves acquainted with our setups and helping to train the next great group of thesis students. Zeina will be coming to the lab soon and we are all excited for her arrival (Hope that student visa comes soon!!)

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Tired of this Covid stuff? Us too…

The Hawke Lab has been badly affected by the current pandemic. Greatly limiting our ability to undertake analysis within the lab and recruit people for our studies that were halted when the pandemic began. While this is not unique to our lab, it nonetheless has a significant impact on our ability to train people within the lab and maintain our high level of productivity. On the bright side, we have a number of studies which required mostly time to complete and have made great strides in data analysis, writing and submission of these studies.

During these tough times, be kind to yourself and others. We could all use a little more of that right now.

New website but same great research :)

Welcome to the new and improved Hawke Lab for Muscle Health Research website!  We need and acronym or something.  That tag line is just a mouthful! HLMHR? no…MHR? no… Will definitely have to sleep on it!

We are excited to provide more detailed information about our studies, about the scientists who are undertaking the studies and, importantly, translating our lab findings into something meaningful for the people who need and want it.  We welcome your feedback about the website and its usefulness.

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