Grab a ‘Pint of Science’ with the Hawke Lab


If you like your drinks served cold with a side of science, come join us on Tuesday, May 21 (7-9 PM) at Redchurch Cafe for Hamilton’s Pint of Science festival!

Pint of Science is a global festival where scientists take their research from lab bench to bar stool and discuss their latest scientific discoveries in a way that’s fun and accessible for all audiences. No prior knowledge required.

In the event’s ‘Our Body’ section, Dr. Irena Rebalka will discuss how Statin medications affect muscle health (Cholesterol-lowering drugs… good for your heart, bad for your muscles?). Dr. Thomas Hawke will then discuss how skeletal muscle is impacted by diabetes (“Don’t sugar-coat it Doc. Is Diabetes damaging my muscles?”).

The event is FREE to attend. Online registration is available, but if you don’t have a ticket, don’t worry.

So come out, relax, learn about the interesting work that’s going on in our lab (and have a pint with us too)!